Trusted Renewable Energy Experts ABOUT US BMC is a strategic consulting firm focused on energy and sustainable solutions WHAT DO WE DO A 100% renewable world is possible in 2050 VISION AND GOALS

Our areas of specialization include renewable energy, energy storage, “waste to energy”, energetic efficiency and sustainable mobility.

BMC Energy Solutions is a strategic consulting firm focused on energy and sustainable solutions

Investment Services
Our company is exceptionally well positioned to offer the following banking-investment services in the sector of renewable energies
Disinvestment of Actives
Both in the starting phase of a project or company, and in the profit-generation phase, BMC has the trajectory and the experts suitable on the industry to expand the client’s horizon to an optimal status to the entrance of investors, counseling from the identification of potential investors to the closing of the transaction
Assets Acquisition
No matter if the transaction is specific or general, BMC can counsel financial and strategical investors on the identification, assessment, buying and closing of investing chances which align with its corporative strategy.
Capital Attraction
We keep a wide net of investors on a global level, including Retirement Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Insurance Companies, Family Office, Bank and Heritage with independent potentiaal and interest towards the investment in projects and investing vehicles.
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BMC has a solid and wide net of clients and contacts globally. Between them, there are venture capitals, financers of a long and successful professional trajectory.



Our Experience

Over 10 years of experience in the international renewable market.

BMC professionals have developed important projects in several markets since 2002, becoming one of the main financial counseling firms in renewable energies.

New Technologies

we support new technologies in different ways

In BMC we are fully comitted with the present key moment for the future evolution of the energetic sector, that is why we support new technologies in different ways:

  • Cooperating in capital raising for new projects that provide an added value to the energetic world.
  • Working in the development of “speeders” for the energetic sector, projects undergone by our partner Jose M Sánchez Seara.
  • Helping companies which are starting their activities in the customed development of their business and expansión plans.


BCM Energy Solutions

Trusted Renewable Energy Experts