BMC Energy Solutions

BMC Energy Solutions es una firma de consultoría estratégica enfocada en energía y soluciones sostenibles. Nuestras áreas de especialización incluyen energía renovable, almacenamiento de energía, “waste to energy”, eficiencia energética y movilidad sostenible.

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What do we do?

New Technologies
In BMC we are fully comitted with the present key moment for the future evolution of the energetic sector, that is why we support new technologies in different ways:
  • Cooperating in capital raising for new projects that provide an added value to the energetic world.
  • Working in the development of “speeders” for the energetic sector, projects undergone by our partner Jose M Sánchez Seara.
  • Helping companies which are starting their activities in the customed development of their business and expansión plans.