Our Vision and Objective

Where are we going

A 100% renewable world is possible in 2050
new, clean and autonomous

If the world is going in the direction it seems to be going, whoever can or want should think about a self-generating energy system; individual or colective, own and clean energy that does not hurt anymore our wounded planet…

The trend we have to take, as humanity, is to use of every necessary inch of energy, generating it in a personal scale, in every house, every building or maybe every neighbourhood. That is what we ask to our scientists: a way for the energy-generation which is new, clean and autonomous….

A 100% renewable world is possible

The Stanford University confirms that a 100% renewable world is possible in 2050.
Spain would create more than 300.000 new jobs and would sensibly reduce healhcare expenses through the energetic transition.

A recent study developed by the Stanford University with data from 139 countries certifies that the transition towards a fully organized world around renewable energies is possible for 2050. Spain could cover its needs on a 57% with solar energy, a 36% with eolic energy, a 6,3 % with hidroelectric energy, and the rest with other sources like waves, tides and geothermal energy.